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Fiberglass insulation mat

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Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 10 / pc
Minimum Order︰100 pc
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Product Description

Fiberglass insulation mat for Home Electric Appliance:
Product Features:
1.   Excellent Heat Suppression: Heat conductivity Coefficient between 0.02-0.040w/cm.k: According to physical principle, better heat suppression materials provide lower rate of thermal conductivity also contain higher density of air holes. We produce the fiberglass insulation mats contain numerous tiny air holes, and distribute irregularly. 

2.   Nonflammable, no deformation, less resistant to breakage, heat resistant up to 7000C, A1 class Combustible Performance Fibreglass Needle mat is incombustibility, non-distortion, 

3.  Non-Adhesive, Odourless

4.  High Insulation

5.   High corrosion resistance

Fiberglass resists strong acid and alkali, and will remain stability for long period of time.

6.   Excellent Tensile Strength: approx 1.0kg or above.

7.   Low moisture absorption: rate close to zero.

8.   Non-toxic

Application: Barbeque, oven, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, hotpot, drinking machine, pan etc.

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